Estes Pro Series II Ventris
Length: 46.25 in
Standard Weight: 15.6 oz
Modified Weight: Unweighted

Laser cut plywood fins, screw on motor retainer, 24in
Nylon Parachute recovery
12 ft 300lb test Kevlar cord shockcord

Nomex reusable recovery wadding
Replaced elastic cord with Kevlar cord
Four 1/16in Diameter holes drilled into payload section for air venting (for altimeter)

Engines Flown:

Flight Data

Date Flight # Engine Altitude Top Speed Thrust Time Peak Accel Avg Accel Coast to Apogee Apogee-Eject Eject Altitude Decent Rate Flight Duration
01/19/2015 001 F50-6T 1199 ft 249 mph 1.8 sec 13.8 G's 10.4 G's 5.8 Sec -.6 Sec 166 ft 11 mph 76.1 Sec
02/13/2016 002 H238T-M 2168 ft UNK UNK 40 G's UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK 118 Sec