Reel Gurus

Executive Producers: Christopher (Sergio) Birkinbine and Daimon (Doc) Runge
Editor: Daimon Runge

Reel Gurus originally aired as Intermission, starting in September of 2012. During the first couple of episodes, it was changed from an hour long show reviewing two movies, to a 30 minute commentary show with each episode being about a singular movie. The show itself evolved out of a facebook movie watching group started by Daimon, and the experiences Chris had had as a co-host of the podcast Truly Geeky and Totally Quantifiable (
In late November of 2012, the title Reel Gurus was chosen, the site created, and thus the official birth of the podcast as it is now known took place.
About the Creators
Christopher “El Sergio” Birkinbine is an Applied Physics student at the University of Idaho, and a former Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Army