Christopher R. Birkinbine

"Some people are born to be normal, others are born to change the world."


Hello! My name is Chris. I am presently a Range Systems Engineer for the Western Dryden Aeronautical Test Range at NASA Dryden Armstrong Flight Research Center with a B.S. in Applied Physics and currently perusing an MS in Space Studies . I am a former US Army Sergeant, and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I am a writer for a site dedicated to bringing the latest in informaion in neuroscience, physics, and technology to it's readers. I also am co-host for a humorous podcast known as Truly Geeky, and Totally Quantifiable (

I have also recently become an associate member of Mojave Makers, a hacker space located in mojave California. Soon you will be able to see some of my projects done in conjunction with Mojave Makers.

In addition to websites, and news articles I have had several poems published over the past decade. My true passion however is physics, and I hope that as I progress in that field I will be able to publish my fair share of research articles.

I was an active member of my Universities Veterans Club, and held the officer role of Sergeant at Arms until my graduation in 2013. I am a strong proponent of getting veterans involved in the sciences, and continuing education. As a veteran and a Physicist, I take a hard stance against the long standing stereotype of the lack of education in the enlisted ranks of the military.

Lastly and most importantly I am a father of a wonderful 9 year old boy, Alexander, who I enjoy sharing my projects and hobbies with.